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Run your business efficiently with all the basics you need to keep your sites backed up, secure and updated.

  • Regularly backing up your website files and database
  • Installing and configuring a security plugins to protect your website against malware, viruses and other online threats.
  • Updating your websites software, plugins, and themes to ensure that any known security vulnerabilities are patched.



Expand your business with additional features for added efficiency. Monitor, optimize, SEO and business continuity.

  • Monitoring your websites uptime and performance, ensuring its running smoothly.
  • Implementing SEO best practices such as conducting keyword research, optimizing meta tags, and improving website content ensuring website rankings.
  • Testing your websites user experience making necessary improvements such as simplifying navigation or improving mobile responsiveness.

Emergency Site Response

$300/mo *

Website Redesign and Optimization.

  • Website redesign and optimization to improve user experience and increase conversion rates.
  • Implementing a range of strategies to improve your websites SEO keyword ranking.
  • Backlink building
  • Content creation
  • 24 hr Customer support
  • $1000 Website Redesign fee
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